Dan Haser conducts investigations in a thorough, sequential fashion to collect facts and build rapport with persons.  Internet data banks and court and other public records are mined.  Interviews are planned in detail.  Documents are shown to witnesses to refresh their recollection or to derail their deceptions.  A detailed investigative report, including a synopsis, exhibits, timeline, and appendices, is prepared to present all relevant information to decision makers.

Do not meet troubles half-way.

Truth lies at the bottom of a well.

Private investigator in Pittsburgh, PA, serving law firms, corporations, businesses and individuals

Dan Haser is a retired FBI Special Agent, who specializes in conducting internal investigations of employee misconduct and litigation support at the direction of counsel and corporate security officials.  Through his membership in an exclusive worldwide network of former Special Agents, who are engaged in private investigations, security consulting and forensic examinations, he is able to pursue leads beyond Pennsylvania and obtain the services of experts.

Ask no questions and hear no lies.

Serious misconduct by your employees can jeopardize the reputation that you have built for your company.  Internal theft and embezzlement can cost you your shirt.  Sexual harassment by one employee can drive away valued employees. The prompt resolution of allegations by a thorough investigation can limit financial exposure and deter other employees from engaging in similar misconduct.

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