Internal Investigations

Due Diligence

In investigating an embezzlement scheme, DAN HASER, LLC used specialized software to scan and convert duplicate original paper bank statements (and PDFs) into MS Excel to facilitate comparison with altered bank statements and bogus QuickBooks entries made by the embezzler.


Forensic Accounting

For a plaintiff's law firm, background information was gathered on a local physician, who was set to testify as an expert witness for the defense.  Items obtained included archived newspaper articles, certified copies of court transcripts and other open source information.

Conducted an administrative  (employee misconduct) investigation for an agency of the U..S. Treasury Department.

Served as a SME for a major information technology contractor involved in applying predictive modeling techniques to the processing of Medicare Claims.

Litigation Support

Prior Matters

On behalf of a plaintiff company, which had sued for breach of contractual obligations and fraud over a development agreement, a significant tax lien against the defendant was discovered on the eve of a settlement hearing.