• ‚ÄčWhen unwanted contact was initiated by a decades ago former boyfriend, a background investigation, which included the use of physical surveillance, was conducted and facts were developed to enable a married woman to obtain a civil restraining order to bar further contact by the man.

Internal investigations

  • Investigated serious employee misconduct at a non-profit organization, which was committed by numerous employees over a multi-year period, and reached a finding of facts for each employee based on the standard of preponderance of evidence. 
  • Conducted an administrative (employee misconduct) investigation for an agency of the U.S. Treasury Department.

Forensic accounting

  • Utilized specialized software, in investigating an embezzlement scheme, to scan and convert duplicate original paper bank statements (and PDFs) into MS Excel to facilitate comparisons with altered bank statements and bogus QuickBooks entries made by the embezzler.

Litigation support

  • Gathered facts for a plaintiff's law firm, including archived newspaper stories, certified copies of court transcripts and other open source information about a local physician, who was set to testify as an expert for the defense.
  • Conducted a background investigation on an employee, in connection with a real estate dispute involving the termination of a lease by a lessor which owned a shopping center where the employee of a franchise business had engaged in narcotics trafficking.
  • Interviewed witnesses on behalf of a plaintiff, who filed suit against a diocese in a clergy sexual abuse case. 
Due diligence
  • On behalf of a plaintiff company, which had sued for breach of contractual obligations and fraud over a development agreement, a significant tax lien against the defendant was discovered on the eve of a settlement hearing.
  •  Covertly made purchases at a retail establishment, which served to defeat claims that the client's point of sale software was not working propertly.


  • Served as a SME for a major information technology contractor involved in applying predictive modeling techniques to the processing of Medicare claims.