Investigative & Consulting Services

  • Locating witnesses and conducting complex interviews
  • Due diligence investigations , e.g. UCC filings, liens and judgments
  • Internal investigations
  • All types of civil litigation support
  • Forensic accounting techniques
  • Workers compensation matters

Drawing from his past career as an FBI Special Agent and earlier training as an accountant, Dan Haser conducts investigations in a thorough, sequential fashion to collect facts and build rapport with witnesses.  Shoe leather is not spared in locating and interviewing witnesses.  Internet data banks and court and other public records are mined for lead value.   A detailed investigative report is prepared to present all relevant information and enable clients to make informed decisions.

  • Due diligence investigations of vendors and other 3rd parties
  • Internal investigations of theft and other serious misconduct
  • Forensic accounting in cases of fraud and embezzlement
  • Business intelligence on competitors and potential investors
  • Security surveys and risk analysis
  • Workers compensation matters

For Law Firms

  • Security surveys and threat and risk analysis
  • Missing persons
  • Asset tracing
  • Intermediary with law enforcement agencies

For Individuals

For Corporations and Businesses

The Product