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  • FBI Special Agent with 23 years (1987 - 2010) of service
  • Licensed Private Investigator, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, #685; bonded and insured
  • Former Certified Public Accountant, State of Maryland
  • Member of exclusive worldwide network of former Special Agents who are engaged in private investigations, security consulting and forensic examinations
  • Obtains the services of experts in a variety of fields, such as digital evidence examiners and questioned document examiners, to conduct thorough and successful investigations



Experience and Qualifications


Dan Haser, a retired FBI Special Agent, specializes in conducting internal investigations at the direction of counsel and corporate security officials.  Skilled in the art of interviewing, researching complex issues and events, and analyzing financial transactions, he has the requisite training and experience to handle a wide range of investigative and consulting matters in the private sector. 

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